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EDUCANET: Strategies for the University Teaching of Quality in Telematic Environments

EDUCANET: Strategies for the University Teaching of Quality in Telematic Environments


2001 - 2001

This project focuses on a proposal to generate a series of training modules aimed at the training of teachers of both universities in a relatively short period of time in the use and application of ICT as well as facilitator elements of the processes of face-to-face teaching, as tools for the digitization of educational content and virtualization of subjects.


Name Institution
Mercè Gisbert Cervera Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Francisco Javier Legarreta Borau Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Tàrek Lutfi i Gilabert Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Sofia Isus Barado Universitat de Lleida
Jose M. Cela Ranilla Universitat de Lleida
Joan Biscarri Gassió Universitat de Lleida

1. Conform an inter-university working group.
2. To design and develop a training action aimed at the training of university professors wishing to use the telematic tools to totally or partially replace their attendance in any of the subjects they teach.
3. Design the process of evaluation and follow-up of the teachers that take the formative action in order to determine their effectiveness and obtain that information that can be useful for future similar experiences.
4. Implement the formative training action that will be titled: Semipresencial Training and distance in technological environments.
5. Reform the formative action based on the results obtained from the practical application.
6. Once the course has been finalized and evaluated, share the conclusions, experience and training materials with the rest of the State Universities that may be interested.

The fundamental idea as a work methodology, both for trainers that design and for those who implement training modules, is to develop a collaborative work strategy that begins with this process but with the aim of having a temporary continuity at Start from carrying out other similar actions.