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ARGET strategy and research lines

ARGET was recognised as an emergent research group in the 2009 call (2009SGR596) and recognised as a consolidated research group from the 7 May 2014 resolution (2014SGR1399).

The ARGET research group strategy reflects on the importance that this one gives to the educational context that sorrounds it. For this reason, it contemplates two realities looking for the improvement of the education quality through the new technologies. In order to make it possible, ARGET bases its research on four transferable and applicable areas to the different real teaching-learning scenarios and research contexts.

For further information regarding the 2014-2017 ARGET strategic line, have a look at enllaç.

The thematic line that structures ARGET is the digital competence (DC). Around it, there are other research lines related to it:

late diagram

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