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Laboratori d’Aplicacions Telemàtiques a l’Educació (L@te) has its origin in a research group about Distributed Hypermedia which came up from the Department of Pedagogy in 1994. It was funded by ICE (Institut de Ciències de l’Educació) of Universitat Rovira i Virgili. The main trait about this research group was its interdisciplinarity, as it was formed by both computer science and educational sciences professionals. As the time went on, this fact has become our main characteristic and our best added value.
From this perspective, the design and development processes of the projects, has become very rich as facing to technological topics from a technical-pedagogical perspective means a challenge from both the work methodology and the same development process of all our projects.

It is also remarkable to remark that when we started off to analise the possibilities os the telematics application to Education, the Internet was not really spread out in our country. That means that working in this field has allowed us to be testimonials of the INTERNET-Education approach in the definition of its application in our closest context.

Laboratori d'Aplicacions Telemàtiques a l'Educació.
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