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Marni Manegre

Educator and Online EFL Instructor. Ms. Manegre is currently working in the area of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). She completed both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Linguistics from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. During her academic career, she worked full time as a Research Assistant and continued as a Research and Teaching Assistant while completing her M.Sc.  She was also a member of the Mental Lexicon Research Team in the Linguistics Department and the Preschool Mathematics Research Team in the Psychology Department.  Upon completion of her degrees, she was employed as a Researcher and Project Manager with the Psychology Department at Athabasca University.

At present, Ms. Manegre is analyzing the use of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in High School collaborative writing classes using a knowledge forum as part of the Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP). The main objective of her current research is to determine whether collaborative learning environments facilitate foreign language acquisition and foreign language production.

email marnilynne.manegre@estudiants.urv.cat

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